P-1049J : Bauhaus : In The Flat Field : LP
YX-7394 : Bauhaus : In The Flat Field : LP
Both LPs have 'censored' picture sleeves, i.e. the man's private parts are blanked out. The CD version was NOT censored, the man is there in his intirety :-)

YQ-7046 : Colourbox : Colourbox : LP
CY-1654 : Colourbox : Colourbox : CD
Both, CD and LP of 'Colourbox' have totally different sleeves to the UK originals. They actually look similar to the inner sleeve of CAD 508! According to Vaughan Oliver legal reasons were responsible for this. 4AD were only able to contact one of the two Japanese ladies (supposedly actresses or opera singers, I can't remember) on the original sleeve to get their permission to use their pictures.